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09 March, 2017

China’s strategy in its ‘War On Terror’: jobs not drones

The Chinese government is employing a unique strategy to reduce the threat of terrorism in its historically unstable Tibet and Xinjiang autonomous regions. By providing new jobs and better housing, the government has managed to quell the threat of separatism.

by Caleb T. Maupin

Part 2 - Terrorism down, standard of living up

But that was three years ago. What has happened since? Has Xinjiang gone the way of Iraq, Libya and Syria? Is an insurgency blazing across the countryside?

Not at all. Three years after the Kunming attackers carried out what has been called “China’s 9/11,” Xinjiang is actually more peaceful than before. What prevented the region from descending into chaos? Although China has stepped up its policing and security measures in the time since the attacks, a different factor has actually been more prominent in halting unrest and maintaining peace.

An average of two new textile factories were set up in Xinjing every day last year. We expect to see more this year,” said Yin Xiaodong, director of Xinjiang’s textile industry management office. Xinjiang now has more than 1,800 textile factories, with 112,300 people working in textile mills. The Chinese government said it expects another 100,000 textile industry jobs to be created this year.

Rural Uyghurs who join China’s industrial workforce are likely seeing significant improvements in their standard of living. The wages of Chinese industrial workers are closely regulated by the state. Between 2008 and 2014, the average wage of China’s industrial workers increased by 71 percent. Business owners have complained about what they consider to be extreme workplace protections and wage controls. MarketWatch quotes Yang Keng, the owner of a major Chinese real estate company as saying “China, as a developing country, has adopted labor laws of a European welfare state. The motives are good but businesses have been hurt.

The Chinese central government has also announced plans to develop new roads and railways in Xinjiang. In 2017, roughly 170 billion yuan (24.8 billion dollars) will be used to build new roads in the historically impoverished region. Another 8.1 billion yuan (1.18 billion dollars) will be used to build new railways. The Chinese government is also researching the possibility of building a high-speed railway that will connect Xinjiang’s capital of Urumqi to a land-port on the Sino-Kazakh border.

It is believed that the development of industry and infrastructure in the region has diminished the threat of separatist terrorism by giving impoverished Uyghurs more job opportunities and a better quality of life.

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It seems that Taiwan and South China Sea are being used only as a pretext by the US to provoke China continuously. The US ultimate geopolitical interest resides in the Chinese mainland, close to the Russian borders.

According to a scenario, the US starts a war that ends quickly, changes the regime in China, puts its puppet, and probably, break China (as they want to do with Russia), using disputed provinces as a pretext (e.g. Tibet, Xinjiang - No surprise that, recently, China responded instantly to Trump, saying that the 'one-China' policy is not negotiable).

The US-friendly regimes will repay the US dollars that they will receive for their 'color revolutions' by allowing US military bases in their territories. With China dissolved and on its knees, Russia will be fully encircled and left with no major allies. It will be the next target.

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