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02 April, 2017

Evo Morales slams Luis Almagro and OAS hypocrisy on Venezuela

The Bolivian leader known for taking a stand against imperialism isn’t backing down as the OAS continues to attack on Venezuela.

Bolivian President Evo Morales took to social media Saturday to call out hypocrisy in the Organization of American States as it continues to set its sights on Venezuela while continuing to ignore an increasingly tense political situation in Paraguay years after the country suffered a coup.

Morales, who is in Cuba where he underwent throat surgery, directed his messages to OAS chief Luis Almagro, contrasting the secretary general’s push for the Democratic Charter to be invoked against Venezuela — which would trigger the country’s suspension from the bloc — to his on pressing human rights concerns and constitutional crises elsewhere in Latin America.

Luis Almagro does not condemn walls against Latinos, nor the judicial coup against Dilma Rousseff, nor the increase in drug trafficking in Colombia. Is he complicit?” wrote Morales in his official Twitter account.

Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS, do you have moral or ethical authority to defend human rights and democracy?” he continued.

Morales’ message to Almagro comes less than a week after a controversial vote at the OAS, promoted by the secretary general, to attempt to invoke the Democratic Charter against Venezuela over alleged human rights abuses. Despite protests from Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia against the meeting for violating the bloc’s own governing principles, the vote went ahead as scheduled, but ultimately Venezuela claimed “victory” as the charter was not applied.

However, several OAS countries have called for a fresh meeting to be held on Monday over Venezuela’s political situation in light of a controversy sparked by a Supreme Court ruling on the judiciary taking on parliamentary powers. The top court reversed its decision on Saturday.


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