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28 April, 2017

Spain's Podemos prepares no confidence vote against PM Rajoy

A Spanish left-wing party on Thursday said it was preparing a no-confidence motion against the current prime minister and requested that the other opposition parties back the initiative.

Pablo Iglesias, the head of Podemos, said in a press conference that the ruling conservative Popular Party, led by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, was exhibiting "parasitic" behavior in public institutions and removing it from the government had become a civic and "ethical obligation."

"The corruption of the PP is not a storm (that will pass), it is a virus that infects the institutions of our country," Iglesias said. He added that the move responded to a growing demand in Spanish society and had to do with the "health of democracy" beyond party lines.

The move came after Rajoy was summoned by Spain’s national court last Tuesday to testify as a witness in a major corruption trial. It was the first time in Spain’s modern history that a sitting prime minister was asked to take to the stand in such a way.


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