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20 April, 2017

Trump's smaller state will be ... 0.0000004% smaller

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The old good propaganda tricks of liberal America about the wasteful public sector, are being used by president Trump. At the same time he magnifies state's role in the economy through military spending, he promised to save taxpayers from $ 70,000 over a four-year period. That's the cost of posting on the internet the details of those who visit the president in the White House.

Essentially, Trump wants his meetings not to be known with other politicians and particularly with businessmen, something that was considered to be standard for every president of the United States. Yet, liberal logic always has a unique ability to treat transparency as a waste of public money.

According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, given that the US government will spend $ 16 trillion over the next four years, the reduction promised by Trump corresponds to 0.0000004% of its spending. That is, each taxpayer will save 0.007 cents annually over the next four years.

Sounds ridiculous? It is as ridiculous as the argument by the Greek media that the chief investigator of the Public Debt Truth Committee, Éric Toussaint, had received the "gigantic" amount of 1,150 euros for his expenses in Greece!

"Fortunately", the new Speaker of the Greek Parliament dissolved the Committee and buried its findings, therefore, transparency does not burden the taxpayers!

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