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09 May, 2017

The French sheeple has just committed suicide and Europe is doomed for good

Meet the 21st century Feudodemocracy where masses elect their executioners

by system failure

As expected, the establishment simply ignored the high percentage of the French who didn't go to vote in the second round of the French presidential election. The media thrown millions of people under the carpet, so that to declare a triumph for their favorite puppet, Emmanuel Macron.

However, despite that Emmanuel Macron is clearly a product of the neoliberal establishment's factories that has been fully manufactured, promoted and delivered to the public by the mainstream media, he was elected with the consent of the popular vote.

We knew that the banking cartels control countries in multiple levels and with multiple ways. Yet, in the recent French election, a new 'innovation' made its appearance: the electorate has chosen the banking agent imposed by the plutocracy. For the first time, people have chosen their executioner. The French sheeple has just committed suicide. This is the worst development possible, despite the low percentage of general approval for Macron and the general disappointment of the French public, as the majority was forced to vote the 'lesser evil'.

The general rehearsal for this peculiar Feudodemocracy took place in Greece and Italy, a few years ago, when the neoliberal establishment put two technocrats-Goldman Sachs agents, as PMs in Greece and Italy. Lucas Papademos in Greece and Mario Monti in Italy were called to govern under the pretext of the financial crisis and the subsequent political instability. Yet, there was a significant problem: they didn't have the consent of the popular vote, so they didn't have a good excuse to stay quite long in power in order to finish the job without 'unpredictable anomalies' for the establishment. It seems that this problem has been solved now for the elites, although it is not certain that the French will let Macron establish the new Feudalism without a fight.

In reality, the French voters had at least one alternative to avoid the two monsters of neoliberalism and Far-Right in the final round. In the first round the miracle could happen with the rise of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Yet, the establishment managed to get rid of him, exploiting a deeply divided electorate. At the time where the Left was struggling to find a common ground, the plan around the new puppet of the elites was completed.

As Jack Rasmus describes, “It appears the political elite may have encouraged the publicizing of the scandals in order to unite business, bureaucracy, traditional elites, and professional classes behind one candidate, the newcomer Macron. Business interests were thus united, while the left and right alternative parties were divided.

The worst nightmare for the neoliberal priesthood would be to see Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the second round against Marine Le Pen, because it would have to support Le Pen against Mélenchon to protect its interests.

A possible victory of Mélenchon would alarm the elites and bring further panic after Brexit. That's because the rise of the Left in France could trigger a general rise of the Left in Europe. Suddenly, Tsipras would have find a key ally against the Brussels-Berlin axis. Further rise of the Left in Spain and Germany could become reality through a domino effect.

Yet, Marine Le Pen had played the useful role of the Far-Right monster, especially in the final round, in order to be used by the establishment to terrify the moderate voters. Le Pen was used to send voters to Macron and the plan was successfully executed.

Now, the Rothschild banker, Macron, will be free to execute his mission with the consent of the masses. He will use the Greek experiment, which is about to end, as a model for implementation in his own country and throughout the eurozone. He will set the new conditions for the oncoming dark ages, designed by the elites. That is: destruction of the social state, full deregulation of the labor market, looting of public property and massive privatizations, further tax reliefs for the rich, more taxes for the middle class. Welcome to the new Feudalism, Europe is doomed for good.


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