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09 June, 2017

Is this the start of a US proxy war against Iran?

Does the ISIS attack on Tehran marks the beginning of another proxy war by Washington, this time against Iran?

It appears that the time has come for the US empire to start the next proxy war, this time against Iran. Therefore, Saudis probably took the green light from Trump, after his latest visit which resulted in a massive arms deal, in order to begin another dirty war in the sequence of failed states, from Libya to Afghanistan, created mostly by the US imperialism.

ISIS is about to be led in its final defeat with the last major battles in Mosul and Raqqa, where the big powers are about to redraw the map. The defeated ISIS will probably continue operations as proxy army of the US and its allies (maybe with another name), against the next, most difficult target, Iran.

After the disaster of the US invasion in Iraq which brought millions of dead, an almost failed state, and suicide bombings more frequently than anyone could predict, the Obama administration decided to test another tactic in Syria, in order to hide itself behind terrorists and avoid US boots on the ground: proxy war.

Despite that the US and its allies failed to topple Assad and restrict Russian influence, they are about to redraw the Syrian/Iraqi map according to their interests. The US are moving against the last big oilfield and major ally of Russia. Washington's modernized dogma doesn't even require a clear victory, especially now where the terrain in the Middle East is extremely complex and the US do not appear to be involved directly with thousands of soldiers on the ground.

As Mousavian pointed:

This is the first major attacks ISIS have been able to do in Iran. Iranians heard about two weeks ago from Saudi Defense Minister, the international community actually, had the Saudi Defense Minister who is the real king of Saudi Arabia said, "We will take the fight inside Iran. We will combat Iran inside the country" and just hours before the terrorist attack in Iran, al-Jubeir, the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, said, "We will punish Iran."

The Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia, two, three weeks ago, publicly said, "We will start to fight Iran inside Iran. We will take the fight inside Iran."

Just some hours before the terrorist attack, al-Jubeir, the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, publicly said, "Tehran should be punished because of the regional policies of Iran." You remember we had also President Trump visit to Saudi Arabia about two weeks ago, and there was about 300 billion dollars of arms sales and the whole narrative of his trip to Saudi Arabia, selling 300 billion dollars of sophisticated US arms to Saudi Arabia was confronting Iran.

It is clear the triangle of Saudi Arabia, the US, and Israelis already have publicly established this triangle to confront Iran. This is publicly said, and Saudi officials also, they publicly said they would take the fight inside Iran, and there are a lot of, hundreds of thousands of reports, official positions from US government to European, to Russians, every country, they know where is the source of ideology, where is the source of funding, and where the source of weapons is coming for ISIS. Everybody knows, everybody says, from Washington Post to New York Times, to Guardian Newspaper in UK, they all the say ideology and the source is Saudi Arabia.

The proxies, either they entered from the borders or they maybe some MEK terrorist groups already. They established in Iran for 38 years, MEK has carried about hundreds of terrorist activities. They have killed about 20,000 Iranians in last 40 years. Nowadays, MEK is fully aligned with Saudi Arabia. You'll remember last year, the high Saudi Kingdom family, high level guy, attended MEK conference in Paris, supporting MEK to fight Iran. Prince Turki, the former Saudi Intelligence Minister, attended the annual conference of MEK and publicly said Saudi Arabia would support regime change in Iran and Saudi Arabia would support MEK. MEK has killed Prime Minister, President, dozens of parliamentarians, cabinet ministers, Friday prayers, religious leaders, and over 17-18,000 of civilians during last 40 years. Therefore, this is the clear tie relationship between MEK and Saudi Arabia. Nowadays, MEK is fully funded by Saudi Arabia. This is one side. The other side, ISIS in the region, is funded and helped by Saudi Arabia. Therefore, Saudi Arabia can orchestrate cooperation between ISIS and MEK to carry the terrorist activities inside Iran.

After Saudi Arabia cut their diplomatic relation with Qatar, just yesterday, President Trump said, "You know, when I was in Saudi Arabia, when we were talking about terrorists, everyone was referring to Qatar." Therefore, it means Trump administration is not going to blame Saudi Arabia for their hand in supporting the ISIS, and they are very happy just to sell some arms. That's why Iran is also putting finger on the US as a country who is responsible for such terrorist activities.

Recall that about six months ago, US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard officially pursued a bill in order to stop the US from arming terrorists. Gabbard clearly stated that the US government is directly and indirectly supporting allies and partners of groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS, with money, weapons, intelligence and other support in their fight to overthrow the Syrian government.

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