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05 September, 2017

The euroclowns are joking with us in front of our eyes!

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The euroclowns continued to play their favorite game. Orchestrated disagreements on the disastrous Greek program made in IMF.

But even when Pierre Moscovici characterized the program "a democratic scandal", European Commission spokesman, Margaritis Schinas, rushed to refute him by claiming (unbelievably) that “The European Commission and its president Jean-Claude Juncker have always paid particular attention to the need to share the burden in the Greek programme fairly and equally” (!!!)

Recall that, the reason for the huge loan that was given to Greece in 2010 had nothing to do with saving Greece from bankruptcy. It sunk Greece deeper in bankruptcy. It has been given for the purpose of actually saving the Franco-German banks through the 'backdoor', as Yanis Varoufakis described.

Remember, very recently, the top executive of the European Financial Dictatorship, Pierre Moscovici, launched the usual indirect threat, not only against Greece, but also against Europe, saying that “Confidence in Greece is really coming back, but we need to continue the good work. We need to be on the bicycle, and to keep on pedalling. That's the case for Europe, as a whole. If you don't go that way, that bicycle falls.

We already know what that means. Further measures, new memorandums, further cuts, further sell-off of public property, until the final completion of the Greek experiment and its implementation throughout eurozone.

The euroclowns are joking with us in front of our eyes!

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