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22 January, 2017

Project MKUltra - Ways of killing a person without leaving evidence of murder

CIA Files

In the newly released archive of 13 million pages by CIA, we found a one-page transcript of a 1977 ABC News report about the then revelations concerning Project MKUltra.

The report says that under the Freedom of Information Act, John Marx, a former State Departement official, had obtained a number of MKUltra documents and made them public.

According to the report, John Marx stated that the documents shown that in the 1950s the CIA secretly contacted with an unidentified professor of neurology to go to an unnamed state prison for an experiment of an unrevealed number of convicts. The report also refers to experiments on two Russian CIA agents which the agency feared might have been compromised.

The transcript appears to be interrupted at the end of the page, revealing, however, a significant information about a 1949 letter found among these documents. This letter was outlining ways of killing a person without leaving evidence of murder.

Yet, quite unexpectedly, we found the rest of the ABC report on YouTube. Below you can see and hear the whole report:

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