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16 June, 2017

It has started: the global neoliberal regime launches upgraded authoritarianism from Japan

It appears that the Orwellian future is coming faster than anyone could imagine

It appears that the Orwellian future is coming faster than anyone could imagine. Japan took a step closer to an upgraded authoritarianism, which is necessary for the neoliberal regime, in order to prevent popular uprise against Feudalism 2.0. A 21st century Feudalism that the elites already start to implement in many regions.

Japan's parliament enacted early Thursday morning an anti-conspiracy law that significantly expands authorities' surveillance powers, overriding opposition calls for more deliberations. The Diet's upper house approved the legislation after a night of on-and-off debate. The bill had already cleared the lower house. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had pushed hard for this law, calling it necessary to safeguard against terrorism at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The lower house, dominated by the ruling coalition, rejected a late-night motion of no confidence against Abe's cabinet brought by opposition parties seeking to stop the conspiracy bill from coming to a plenary vote in the upper house. The ruling coalition used a parliamentary procedure to bypass a vote at the committee level.

The law redefines what constitutes conspiracy to criminalize preparing for crimes including terrorist attacks. Abe's government had insisted that enacting the legislation was necessary for Japan to become party to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime.

Earlier, we had significant reactions against the bill in Japan. As The Mainichi reports: “Thousands of people took to the streets of central Tokyo on June 11 to protest the government's "anti-conspiracy" bill, in a demonstration organized by the activist group "Mirai no tame no kokyo" (Public for the future). [...] the plan has been met with widespread criticism. Rival party politicians, academics, and citizen group members claim that, 'Rephrasing the term 'conspiracy' as 'preparations to commit crimes such as terrorism' is impression manipulation,' and that, 'There is a real danger that people who think they have nothing to do (with the legislation) could end up as a surveillance target.'

On the pretext of terrorism, governments continuously shrinking the framework that would be considered 'appropriate' for someone to criticize their actions. The bill depicts that fact. Most importantly, the final target is the total suppression of any reaction against anti-popular policies, carried by the governments and dictated by the elites, in the future.

France is becoming the primary test field for the implementation of upgraded suppression due to frequent terrorist attacks. As mentioned back in 2015, on the occasion of the COP21 climate change summit, which by coincidence(?) took place in Paris, less than a month from the terror attacks, the French authorities proceeded in unprecedented security measures, including activists who had nothing to do with terrorism!

But this new law enacted by Japan's parliament shows that we may see even more cruel suppression in every level in the close future.

We've already pointed that, terrorist attacks could give governments and big corporations an excuse to take full control of the internet in order to 'suffocate' independent information, and therefore, help the mainstream media propaganda monopoly to recover.

Furthermore, in an Orwellian version of the close future, anyone who would dare to critisize Western disastrous interventions in other countries could be considered potential danger for national security under the pretext of motivating terrorist attacks in Western soil.

The majority of the people will eventually accept this extreme type of censorship with terror constantly hanging above their heads.

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