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19 July, 2017

The politics of the forgotten humanitarian crises in Yemen and Gaza

Millions of Yemenis are starving as Saudi Arabia continues to bomb the country, while the people of Gaza lack electricity and medical supplies due to a 10-year Israeli blockade. Both conflicts and the crises they have unleashed are tied to the U.S.’ arms industry’s unending pursuit of profit.

by Whitney Webb

Part 1

While the mainstream media is dominated by anti-Russia headlines and the upcoming health care vote in the Senate, its silence on two of the greatest humanitarian crises in the world, Yemen and Gaza, is deafening. These crises have received little to none of the media attention that was showered last year on the battle for Aleppo in Syria or the attention currently being given to the political crisis in Venezuela.

However, the situations in these two areas are growing worse by the day. In Yemen – less than three years following the launch of the Saudi-led war against the Yemeni people – 7 million people face starvation, nearly 70 percent of the population is in desperate need of humanitarian assistance and a preventable cholera epidemic is surfacing.

Gaza, suffering from the effects of Israel’s 10-year-long illegal blockade of the coastal city, is largely without electricity, as Israel – with the backing of the Palestinian Authority – has drastically cut power to Gaza in recent months, threatening medical care, sewage and drinking water treatment, and food safety, among other essentials.

Yemen and Gaza are both on the verge of total collapse due to these crises.

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