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21 July, 2017

Two men set on fire in Venezuela by opposition protesters

The two men were set on fire amid escalating right-wing violence

Two men were reportedly burned alive in Venezuela as violent right-wing protests seek to paralyze the country.

The Public Ministry of Venezuela announced Tuesday that they are investigating the death of Hector Anuel who was "burnt during a protest," in the eastern state of Anzoategui.

Anuel was killed in Lecherias, Puerto de la Cruz, in the east of Venezuela.

According to reports, Anuel was trying to pass an opposition road blockade on a motorcycle. He was riding on the back as a passenger when hooded protesters threatened to burn both him and the driver alive. The driver accelerated and Anuel fell off. The opposition protesters then beat him and burned him to death.

The death of Anuel brings the total number of those who killed in Venezuela, after violent protests broke out in April, to 96.

Another violent attack was captured on video in the affluent Caracas neighborhood of Altamira, the focal point of most of the opposition's violent protests over the last three months.

The video shows a man running through a Caracas metro station after being set on fire by opposition protesters. It is unclear what injuries the man sustained in the attack.

More unrest has also been reported tonight in several parts of Caracas including this incident in Caricuao where opposition protesters set fire to a corner store of a Chavista family.


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