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15 August, 2017

Armed men in Colombia kill 8th FARC member, raising alarm

Jesus Adan Mazo, or “Molina,” has been killed after being attacked and shot by a group of armed men in the town of Ituango, near a FARC concentration zone.

Mazo — whose involvement in the peace process between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia was pivotal to the signing of the peace agreement — was shot at 1:00 am Monday morning while residing in a house near the Santa Lucia school in Antioquia.

According to the neighbors, the armed men removed him from the house and shot him three times, enough to kill him. This is the second ex-combatant of the FARC that is assassinated in Ituango,” said a statement from the FARC zone in Ituango.

The death of Molina happens just a day before the end of the Transitional Standardization Zones and the beginning of the Territories of Training and Reincorporation, which makes the residents of the concentration zones fearful since they consider this 'a very clear and fatal message for the process'," the statement continued.

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