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24 August, 2017

As Western propaganda rapidly collapses, Washington's hawks start to retire from searching for pretexts

Now, there is no doubt that the US army is the military branch of the US corporate neocolonialism.

While in some cases, like Colombia, the US imperialists still search vainly for something to justify endless intervention through paramilitaries, civil wars, orchestrated coups, etc., they have completely retired from this business concerning, for example, Afghanistan.

The following cynical, warmongering hawk, completely demolished every pretext and ethics, concerning Afghanistan, through mainstream media. Speaking on MSNBC and Rachel Maddow, retired Colonel Jack Jacobs said:

           I'm gonna be facetious(!), but the first conclusion that came to my mind, is that we're going now harvest poppies and we're going to sell them(!), and that's how we're going to fund it(!), which is exactly what the Taliban is doing.

           But no, it sounds like we are going to be involved in extricating, releasing(!!!) mineral wealth, and there is substantial mineral wealth, and we are going to take that out of Afghanistan.

And the routine (lately) cheap justification follows:

          The Chinese are already there, doing that, and I think the United States is concerned that we are not getting our share(!!!)

Then Maddow asks:

          Under US military ethics(!?), can the US government go in with the protection of US soldiers and extract the wealth of another country?

The response:

          Well, we can, we've done it before, there is no reason why we can't do it again (!!!!!!)

Watch the video and very spot-on commending by the hosts of the Jimmy Dore show:

And, of course, the warmongering corporate media can't wait, as described by Jimmy Dore:

Earlier, Donald Trump not only admitted cynically the real reason behind the US invasion in Afghanistan, but proved that he is willing to expand the establishment agenda, through the mainstream media.

Now, there is no doubt that the US army is the military branch of the US corporate neocolonialism. By the way, China didn't invade or bombed any country ... dear bloody US hawks.

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