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27 August, 2017

Iran 1953, Venezuela today: same old story repeated ...

It's all about ... oil

Spot the differences:

Iran 1953
Venezuela today
Mohammad Mosaddegh nationalized the Iranian oil and kicked out the British. An act which was heralded by the people. He promised to fight poverty and let the country benefit from their huge potential wealth in black gold.
Although oil was nationalized back in 1976 in Venezuela, the country has to this day the largest proven oil reserves in the world. Under the democratically elected government of Hugo Chavez, huge strides were taken to use the nationalization of its oil to fund social programs and alleviate poverty.
Britain responded to Mosaddegh by imposing economic sanctions and worldwide boycott of Iranian oil. As a result of the extreme economic embargo, the people began to question his leadership and started blaming him for the economic crisis that was beginning to plague the country.
President Trump's new administration has slapped sanctions on Maduro and other members of his government. Western media propaganda reinforced by the US and its allies, has stirred, discontent and channeled anti-government sentiment within the country, together with a fierce economic war, including an organized plan around the shortage on basic goods.
With paid agents infiltrating his parliament and an attempted assassination, Mosaddegh took to dissolving parliament in an effort to take back control of the political turmoil that had taken grip. The move led to calls of "dictatorship" by his opponents, which was amplified by the CIA's sponsored propaganda.
After months of anti-government protesters, which has seen people burned alive, grenade attacks on government buildings and mass street blockades, the Venezuelan government called a vote to re-write the constitution in order to stem the violence and try to restore peace. "Maduro is a dictator" motto has been amplified across Western media.
On August 19th, a mercenary mob, paid for in US dollars, took down the democratically elected government of Iran, an event which changed the course of Iran's history and left the first ever democratically elected prime minister to be confined to house arrest where he later died.


The US empire ready to stage another coup against Venezuela

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