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26 August, 2017

Migrant traffickers brag about bribing British-backed Libyan coastguard

Smugglers making millions of dollars from death and misery in the Mediterranean have been colluding with the British-backed Libyan coastguard, RT UK can reveal.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson vowed on Thursday to help solve the myriad crises blighting the north African state, unveiling a £9mn ($11.6 million) package of aid on a visit to Tripoli. Johnson also visited the Libyan coastguard to inspect their work after Britain, along with the EU, initiated a £78 million training and funding program.

The EU wants to pay the Libyan coastguard to prevent migrant crossings, trapping tens of thousands of victims of horrendous abuse in the country. Despite the generous cash injections, thousands of people have made the crossing every day this summer. Thousands are desperate to escape the lawless North African country, where black migrants and refugees are sold, beaten to death and imprisoned in squalid camps.

In messages seen by RT UK, a source involved with smuggling rings in the Sabratha area of Libya bragged about how they “pay” the coastguard to look the other way – which explains why the EU project has failed.

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