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19 August, 2017

Right-wing extremists condemned in Charlottesville, funded and armed in Ukraine and Syria

Having backed a right-wing coup in the Ukraine and right-wing terror groups disguised as “moderate rebels” in Syria, U.S. leaders now confront rising right-wing terror at home. They duly condemn it, but seem blind both to their own hypocrisy and to the domestic reverberations of their cynical foreign policies.

by Whitney Webb

Part 4 - Glorifying foreign extremists not without consequences

The reason U.S. politicians consistently support fascism and right-wing extremism abroad, but not in the U.S., is clear. While supporting such groups domestically is a surefire way to ruin one’s political career, supporting these same types of groups in far-off places is a politically safe tool for projecting the U.S.’ geopolitical will abroad.

As former CIA Officer John Stockwell noted in his book, The Praetorian Guard, “stirring up deadly ethnic and racial strife has been a standard technique used by the CIA” for decades in covert destabilization operations.

But the glorification and support of right-wing violence abroad is not without its consequences. Legitimizing such ideologies – whether in Ukraine, Syria, or elsewhere around the globe – serves to justify them here at home.

While many on both the left and right cite Trump’s election as having “emboldened” these groups domestically, decades of U.S. foreign policy have in fact done much of the emboldening.

Though many of the aforementioned U.S. politicians would disagree, fascism and right-wing extremism do not suddenly shift from being acceptable to reprehensible once they cross the U.S. Border.


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