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25 August, 2017

Temer government opens Brazilian Amazon rainforest reserve to mineral mining

Opposition Senator Randolfe Rodrigues called the decision the “biggest attack on the Amazon of the last 50 years,” according to O Globo newspaper.

A Wednesday decree from Brazil's right-wing president Michel Temer abolished a sprawling nature reserve in the Amazon rainforest covering 4.6 million hectares (17,800 square miles), an area larger than Denmark, opening it up to commercial activity.

The ecologically rich and delicate area, known as the National Reserve of Copper and Associates, or Renca, is believed by prospectors to contain enormous reserves of gold, iron, manganese, and other minerals.

The Renca reserve has existed since 1984 with the intention of protection the area from mining activities which would harm ecological diversity, wildlife, as well as indigenous communities.

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