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07 October, 2017

Britain: How do we make Corbyn's speech a reality?

Part 1

Daniel Morley discusses the bold measures needed to ensure that the policies outlined in Corbyn's recent speech to Labour conference are realised in practice.

Like the Labour Party manifesto at the most recent general election, Corbyn’s closing speech to the Labour conference last week has electrified the party, his supporters, and the Left in general by pushing the tone and policies significantly further to the left.

The programme and ideas outlined in this speech represent the boldest, most left-wing intervention in mainstream British politics in decades. What’s more, it carries with it the promise of implementation, since Labour look on course to win any upcoming general election.

For socialists, this represents the opportunity of a lifetime. We cannot let this chance to transform society slip through our fingers. It is imperative that all socialists fight for a Corbyn-led Labour government.

But that is only the beginning. We mustn’t be so naive as to think that all we must do is get Corbyn into Number 10. This much-welcomed programme of nationalisation, social housing construction, and universal free education threatens the privileges and power of the British ruling class, who have done nothing but demonstrate their intense hostility towards Corbyn ever since his name first got on the ballot.

Much of the speech, meanwhile, rightly pointed out that British capitalism has woefully low rates of investment, which has led to deindustrialisation and low-wage, insecure jobs. Behind many of the policy announcements, then, lies the promise of much more investment, and with it the threat (to big business and the banks) of higher taxes, more regulation, and public ownership.

We can therefore expect all kinds of sabotage to this programme and Corbyn’s government should it be elected.

The vital question therefore is: how can we ensure that this programme is implemented? How should socialists fight for these policies against the opposition of big business and the Establishment?


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