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07 October, 2017

Leftists must finally take notice of – and buy stock in – bitcoins

by Ramin Mazaheri

Part 6 - How can bitcoin ‘stop the betrayals of high finance’ if all they do is create a bitcoin cabal?

I have proven that block chain in governance already exists in socialism. Many people have noted the way science and society have reflected each other throughout human history, so this is more confirmation that socialists like Cuba and China are firmly in the vanguard.

Block chain exists in socialism, but not in the extremist-individual ideologies of capitalism or libertarianism. It exists in anarchism, yes, but bitcoin’s anti-statist “voluntarism” is so self-centered so as to not be worthy of “anarchism”.

Therefore, if the true Left doesn’t get immediately involved in the bitcoin discussion and swing some minds towards socialism…I don’t see how bitcoins will truly be different from oligarchical capitalism?

Yes, this may be “gold rush fever”, but many talk of a market capitalization of $1-$5 trillion dollars. That’s because this is not just a corporation – a whole new industry is being created, so it’s bigger than Amazon…plus Apple, plus Facebook, plus….

So, to the early adopters poised to be filthy rich because your tech, gamer and Dungeons and Dragons friends clued you in early on bitcoins and were fortunate enough to have money to invest: You may not voluntarily want to redistribute your bitcoin wealth…but society needs you to.

And if you don’t, we deplorables in the 99% will win and take that commodity/way to store value in the end, too, because redistribution is collective justice, if not individual justice.

Bitcoin users – will you be price gouging when the 21 million bitcoins are completely mined? If so, why don’t we just stick with Visa, Western Union and the Pentagon?

Are you engaging in immoral bitcoin stock speculation, and “gaming” the market to make a quick killing? Then how are you any morally superior to all the other lazy, immoral high finance punks who make a living at “the rich man’s gambling”?

And now to the painfully few leftists, especially socialists/Marxists, who take the time to cursorily examine Bitcoin and say: “Bah, this is just pure capitalism. Therefore, it must be bad.

Well, simply revisit my story about Iran and medicines. A Third World Socialist looks at bitcoins and says: “Yes, Bitcoin is capitalist from the perspective of ivory tower ideology, but this has enormous potential as a weapon for anti-imperialism and against rapacious capitalism. And we need and want victory – not just change – now.

Every dollar in bitcoin is a dollar not in the hands of high finance!

It is in the hands of the rapidly-expanding bitcoin collective, which has no “Central Bank President”. Every dollar worth of bitcoin sent to Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Palestine – and Poland, the Philippines, and South Korea – is a dollar which has circumvented the imperialist/fascist centers of the US, England, France, Germany and Japan. A bitcoin dollar avoids the big banks, the SWIFT system of American financial power, the gangster credit card companies and the central banks of the neo-imperial nations!

Governments are claiming that bitcoin can be used to “fund terrorism”. First of all, paper money is used to fund terrorism – should we ban that? Secondly, this is an obvious smear campaign designed to scare away the average person, and to provide justification for unjust crackdowns on bitcoins.

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