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02 December, 2017

In reality, McCarthyism never ended in America

McCarthyism 2.0 in America grows with unprecedented rate as the Russian television group RT lost its credentials to cover the U.S. Congress on Wednesday after the U.S. government forced it to register as a “foreign agent.”

The anti-Russian hysteria in the US, promoted mostly by the corporate Democrats, the Clintonian empire, and the ruthless neocon/neoliberal establishment as a whole, indeed resembles the McCarthyism 'dark ages' in the country.
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Many alternative media support that behind the anti-Russian hysteria there is a deeper cause, which is related to the establishment's efforts to seal the mouths of the US progressive journalists that have been banned from the mainstream media, exactly as happened during the term of Joseph McCarthy in the 50s.

And they are right.

The establishment mouthpieces keep repeating that news agencies like RT are simply key parts of Putin's propaganda machine. In reality, this perception, continuously propagated by these mouthpieces, is part of the anti-Russian propaganda, and its deeper target is exactly the truly independent information.

So what? Is Putin just a crusade of truth? One might ask. Certainly not, is the answer. So, wouldn't be normal to suggest that he promotes his propaganda according to his agenda and objectives? The answer to that question is: he doesn't really have to!

All he had to do was just to give a microphone to the excluded progressives in order to expose the US dirty secrets, buried by the deep state propaganda apparatus. Indeed, many of the American journalists working for RT shape an army of progressives who have been banned by the US corporate media. Their voices would had never reach the American public without RT.

And at this point, the big conclusion comes up: In reality, McCarthyism never ended in America! Otherwise, all these progressives would had find their way to the mainstream media a long time ago.

The establishment used the rapid rise of the TV power during the past decades to maintain McCarthysm through a more 'elegant' and sophisticated way. As the big corporations took the monopoly of information, it was easy to promote their agenda according to their interests through a massive brainwash of the American society. Any voices who could expose the ugly picture behind the manufactured narratives would simply excluded from the mainstream media channels, so that the public would never know.

Things got worse with the rise of neoliberalism and its absolute domination in the West from the early 70s and afterwards. The establishment not only continued to brainwash the American society but also started to 'manufacture' its own pundits in the neoliberal schools of modern propaganda. Progressives became a species for extinction and the mouthpieces were painting anyone who would dare to support, say, free education, as more or less naive, or even crazy.

McCarthysm reached an even more advanced level, yet, inside the cultural domination of neoliberalism, very few could notice that even existed. That's why many today speak about a new McCarthysm while in reality never ended.

And now, the neoliberal hypocrites have been fully exposed because of their double standards. Their 'free market' is full of lobbyists who bought the politicians. Their 'globalization' is acceptable only when their propaganda spreads globally to protect their ideology, suppressing every different opinion.

No wonder why they desperately seek to fulfill the next big mission of their exposed McCarthysm: the elimination of net neutrality.


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