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07 October, 2015

Leaked: Video which proves the specific structure and criminal action of Golden Dawn neo-nazis in Greece

Everything that moves gets slaughtered”!

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A video, which is in the hands of the Greek court for the trial of the Golden Dawn for the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas by the Golden Dawn member, George Roupakias, can be considered evidence of the criminal action of the neo-nazi organization. The video leaked yesterday to Internet media.

The video reveals a gathering of Golden Dawn members in August 2012, before the attack on immigrants in Panagitsa, Nikea.

In the video, the "core leader" of the Golden Dawn members, George Patelis, says characteristically to the rest of the group: “Everything that moves gets slaughtered”!

This video proves the way that the neo-nazi organization was functioning and that the orders were given from the leaders at the top. Patelis says specifically: “If I get the okay from Lagos. If I don't get it, we won't do it. If I get the okay, the message will come to you all.

Meanwhile, the mother of the murdered musician, Magda Fyssa, testified that her family, friends and attorneys regularly received threats to this day, while Roupakias appeared to have told police officers that he was 'one of them', after he has been arrested.

Transcript and video (with English subs):

Despite that the Golden Dawn leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, cynically admitted the 'political assassination' of Pavlos Fyssas, right before the recent snap elections in Greece, Golden Dawn managed to maintain its power to be elected again in the Greek parliament, taking the third place, behind SYRIZA and New Democracy.

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