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02 July, 2017

A short list on how fast the myth of the 'anti-establishment' Donald Trump has collapsed

So far, the 'anti-establishment' Donald Trump:

  • Literally hired Goldman Sachs to run USA.

  • Signed a bill to deregulate again Wall Street, so that the parasites of the financial mafia to be able to play their games at the expense of the majority, as happened so many times in the past, causing big financial crises. 
  • Quickly aligned with the neocon agenda and bombed Syria. In fact, the Donald did even more than the puppet of the establishment, Barack Obama, by provoking dangerously war games in Asia-Pacific. 
  • Maintained US forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, continued the US interference in Yemen and elsewhere. 
  • Pursued a totally unacceptable health care program that - in case it will pass - will push millions of Americans further to the cliff, without even a rudimentary social safety net.

  • Continued to hunt fiercely all Whistleblowers.

We are pretty sure that there is much more than we can think right now. Feel free to contribute to the list ...

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